What Causes of Acne Scars?

People with Acne Scars are very clean and obsessive with their skin

Unlike popular beliefs, people struggling with acne scars are very clean people.

What Causes of Acne Scar?Acne-Scars

The inflammation caused by acne can typically leave wounds in the skin. As acne wounds heal, an abundance of collagen can get left behind, forming acne scars that make the skin appear uneven.

Acne may also cause submit-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), a skin discoloration left behind after an infected acne wound has caused over-production of melanin in the skin

Three Types of Acne ScarsDifferent-Types-of-Acne-Scars

Ice Pick Scars – These  Acne scars are deep and very slender in appearance. With this specific type of scar, the skin appears to prefer it has been pierced by way of an ice pick. There is a small, however deep hole in the skin.

Boxcar Scars – These Acne scars are spherical with sharp vertical sides. These scars are wider than the above ones. With these scars, the skin has a really bumpy or rough appearance.

Rolling Scars – This type of Acne scars causes ‘rolling’ wrinkles on the skin. These acne scars arise when the fibrous tissue bands form between the subcutaneous tissue and skin.